Dan Zen - Mad Inventor Early History

Zen Vlog is the vlogging (video blogging) site of mad inventor Dan Zen.

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To provide interesting and efficient vlogs, Dan Zen has created a tool called Zen Mix which lets you put Web video on top of Web picture and apply cool effects. This tool is used for the vlogs and there is information and links provided on the site.

Dan Zen has about 500 hours of video to cull from. In general, there will be a few reoccurring themes for the vlogs. The primary one is creativity. The techniques and aspects of creativity are explored as inventions are being created. Inventions are used loosely for stories, games, recipes, gadgets, fashion, philosophies, songs, and even stereotypical mechanical inventions like money making machines, etc.

Dan Zen works with his sketch book in the bathtub – his camera in the woods and car, often creating for days out of a week and late nights almost every night. His motto was to build everything he has created but now has moved towards an environmentally friendly scheme to provide grass root plans for inventions. Zen Mix will come in to play here as will the upcoming tool Zen Pan.

We’ll leave it at that – please explore the more than 60 online games, gadgets and communities available primarily at http://www.danzen.com and described at http://danzen.wordpress.com.


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