Zen Vlog Videos Moved from Blip to Amazon S3

Well… it has not been an easy ride for poor Zen Mix videos.  First Vimeo changed formats so a hundred videos had to be moved to Blip.TV.  Then Blip.TV went to their own player only and 200 videos have now been moved to Amazon Cloud.  Should be permanent there!

Apologies for Mixes being down, they should all be working now but if you catch any missing, please leave a comment!


About 60 videos on Vimeo – many that fuel the early Zen Mix files including all the videos used by the Zen Mix program are missing on Vimeo.  Vimeo has been contacted and they no longer seem to support flv’s.  So… we moved the videos to blip.tv and they should all be working… Thanks Blip!

We have set the default autoplay to false for embedded Zen Mix code. This will accommodate multiple Zen Mixe mashes on one page. So when you create a mix and then get the flash code that plays the mix on blogger for instance then it now has an autoplay parameter that is set to false.

This does not affect any mixes played in the Zen Mix player as those will always start right away. To change the autoplay to true in the embedded code, just find where it says autoplay=false (in two places) and make it say autoplay=true.

Just became a “Cinematographer” for Galacticast! Well sort of…

If you have not been to their site, please take the above hyperlink there.

Zen Vlog holds the number one position on Google for the keywords psychedelic dancing. Mad inventor Dan Zen is very proud to hold this position and attributes it to years of psychedelic parties, creating oil drop machines and op art tools!

Google results for psychedelic dancing

May the forces of groovity be with you!

Zen Vlog has reached third position on Google for the key words vlog tools through its association with the Zen Mix Website at http://www.zenmix.com the site where you can put any Web video on a Web picture and apply cool blend modes. This tool is used for vlogging, storytelling, promotion, e-learning and more.

Google search result for Vlog Tools

Zen Vlog is the site of vlogs (video blogs) by mad inventor Dan Zen of Dundas Canada also Professor for the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia program in Oakville Canada. See http://www.danzen.com and http://imm.sheridanc.on.ca

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