Well… rats… 170 videos on http://zenvlog.com no longer working with my Vlogging tool Zen Mix – http://zenmix.com. The videos are hosted on Blip.tv and now Blip has changed their policy and their server code to not let other players but their own play the videos. I suppose I can move them over to YouTube – but YouTube does not easily expose the source – I have to set up a tunnel on my server. Any other suggestions for Video hosting where you get the URL to the file?

Dan Zen.


Just became a “Cinematographer” for Galacticast! Well sort of…

If you have not been to their site, please take the above hyperlink there.

Dan Zen has launched Tapoll, the Predict-a-poll Web 2.0 site. There is a poll on the site that asks you to predict what people will say when asked about Vlogging as well as asks you to vote about Vlogging.


If you are interested in getting more people to take the poll then please post the link on your site!

Zen Vlog has reached third position on Google for the key words vlog tools through its association with the Zen Mix Website at http://www.zenmix.com the site where you can put any Web video on a Web picture and apply cool blend modes. This tool is used for vlogging, storytelling, promotion, e-learning and more.

Google search result for Vlog Tools

Zen Vlog is the site of vlogs (video blogs) by mad inventor Dan Zen of Dundas Canada also Professor for the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia program in Oakville Canada. See http://www.danzen.com and http://imm.sheridanc.on.ca


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This is the first of many CAR VLOGS which may move over to a site of their own. In general, it means pointing the camera at yourself as you drive and vlogging. It could mean pointing the camera out the window but that is generally discouraged as you tend to want to look where you are pointing and that is unsafe as you are driving.

Safety is an issue and some aspects are discussed in this vlog – click above to view.

As often as possible we will include background shots from the actual drive. Shooting pictures is much easier as it just takes a glance if that but if you are not the multitasking type then please do not do this from the driver seat. The pictures in this vlog posting are primarily of the Dundas and Hamilton portion of the journey to Oakville where I teach. The trip is about 40 minutes with very little traffic as I take the 407 toll road past the rush hour traffic. This will be where most of my car vlogging will come from as there is a backvlog of about 100 of these videos.

This current and first published car vlog talks about car vlogging referred to here as car casting. It summarizes some previous ideas and works through some live ideas. It is a little scattered as discovery is taking place. It is not the most creative of sessions but it is a decent introduction to car vlogging or car casting.

Dan Zen is giving a talk on Zen Mix at http://www.zenmix.com for the FlashinTO Flash User Group – the largest Flash user group in the world at 8PM on Wednesday June 28 2006.

FlashinTO Gathering v51.0 // Wed June 28
Venue: Resistor Gallery 284 College St. (west of spadina)
Time: 7:00 – 10:30
Cost: FREE!!!


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Mad Inventor, Dan Zen, has launched a Web site called Zen Mix at http://www.zenmix.com in which all content, error messages, privacy policy, introduction and marketing is done through video. The site and tool is to aid in Vlogging or video logging.

“It helps when the purpose of the site is a tool for creating Vlogs!” explains Dan Zen. “Zen Mix lets you put Web video on top of a Web picture and apply cool blend effects online for free in just a couple minutes!”

The tool makes use of picture and video hosting sites such as Flickr and Vimeo. You post your files there and in Zen Mix enter the URLs to the jpg and flv. You then can resize and post ion the picture and video and apply blend effects just recently available in the new Flash 8.

“Regular vlogs of people talking can be okay from a content standpoint but are often less than spectacular from a visual side. Zen Mix lets you remedy this and it is easy to link to or even embed in sites like My Space and Blogger.” Please make sure that you do not use copyright material without consent and follow any guidelines from Flickr for instance as to linking back to the Flickr photo page when you post your mix on your site.

Zen Mix features mash technology which is a series of mixes. There is a format to allow you to play mixes randomly, to pick from a set of mixes, and more all by listing the mixes at the end of the Zen Mix URL. There are introduction, feature, error, inventor, and love mashes available at the top of the site. As far as we know, Zen Mix is the first site to provide video error messages.

Dan Zen is a Canadian New Media Award winner for Programmer of the Year 2002 and teaches in the one-year post-grad Interactive Multimedia program at Sheridan College in Oakville Canada. He is an inventor living in Dundas Canada surrounded by waterfalls and has created over 60 games and gadgets including Chat Nap, Zen Picture, Hip Cats, Predict-a-Poll, Moustache Mysteries and more at http://www.danzen.com and blogs here at https://zenvlog.wordpress.com and http://danzen.wordpress.com.


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Finally a vlog… and you can say this too! I’ve been recording thoughts on video for about 5 years with the intent to post them online one day. Just recently a couple of hurtles have been removed for us all and now is the time of the Vlog!

This vlog entry deals with the issue of backvlog. If you let time pass you can lose conviction that what you recorded is correct or the best you can do… this leads to… well not posting it! So if you want to vlog, it might be best to vlog right away.

Future vlogs will introduce the technology and tools that overcome these long time hurtles to vlogging.

Thanks to Vimeo and Flickr

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