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The META mystery is about to take you down through smaller levels of civilization. This is a similar idea to Horton Hears a Who the popular Dr. Suess book now an animated movie.

But, the speeds at a smaller level will be much greater so for us to communicate, we will have to adjust and so will they. It will come to be that an order of meta monks at the micro level are communicating with our heroine, Avid Zag and her superconducted mind through her anti-gravity board… but that is in upcoming episodes.

This is the tenth installment of the META nano anti-gravity sci-fi mystery vlog. Click here for the full mash. Here is the current META verse and once again, it would be cool to see someone else create a Zen Mix for the poem! Please do and post a link in the comments.

It will come to be that pilots with greater than average merit points will form a council that governs the usage of the anti-gravity material. A councilor’s vote weighting will be equal to their merit point weighting.

META is a sci-fi story based in the times of the Dan Zen game, Save Earth.

A premise has been written in the form of a prophetic poem. The verses will be put into a Zen Mix and will be posted here over the next while.

We would like to encourage this type of story telling using Zen Mix. And indeed, if anyone would like to make a mix of any of the META episodes, please feel free to post the link to the mix in the comments of the episode post. It is so easy to do that we started our first one with an eight-year old daughter! Click above…

Show us that you are destined to be a star!

  1. Record yourself with a digital camera saying the poem below
  2. Upload this video to vimeo.com
  3. Take a picture for the background and post it on flickr.com
  4. Go to zenmix.com to mix the two and then post the link here

You can use our background – just look beneath any mix to find out what video or background url was used and copy it into your own mix – remember copyright though. You are free to use our backgrounds for META.

Here is the META verse 08…

It will come to be that the material of the sphere is anti-gravity and cracks along its circles and segments. Professor Y distributes the material to the surprised and gratified pilots based on their standings.

Here is the META verse 07…

It will come to be that once the macro-crystalline sphere is mapped, the patterns when substituted with 0-9 form PI to over a million decimals and Professor Y shatters the sphere with a frequency resonance

Here is the META verse 06…

It will come to be that Professor Y makes a secret deal with the World Government that if he cracks the sphere, he will get all the material!

Here is the META verse 05…

It will come to be that millions of patterns in grids in sectors in quadrants are mapped and tagged with pilot names including missed patterns which gain the pilots merit points. The pilots will perform with efficiencies and acquire standing.

Here is the META verse 04…

It will come to be that Professor Y sets up SensoryNet remote controls and a fleet of volunteer pilots fly probes which spray oxygen against the sphere surrounding Earth to map its macro-crystaline structure.

Here is the META verse 03…

It will come to be that Professor Y determines the material of the sphere to be macro-crystaline with ten circular segmented patterns. Professor Y proposes that by mapping the patterns he can formulate a frequency to crack the sphere.

Here is the META verse 02…

It will come to be quite the task for the world government whose eyes turn to Professor Y for aid. Mad Inventor, Professor Y, will have just made the owners of velcro rich by designing velcro self cleansing environmental filters.

Here is the META verse 01…

It will come to be that on the eve of forming a world government a sphere of undetermined material surrounds earth letting sustenance in but not much out. It is assumed that the sphere is alien in construction – none claims responsibility.

Here is the META verse 00…

It will come to be that a new organization called the Free Nations will play watchdog to the United Nations and in 2020 after years of policy battle, the two will combine to form the World Government.

Even if you do not create a mix for META, you are welcome to leave your comments!

All the best,

Dan Zen

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