I just happened to want to do some psychedelic dancing as exercise and looked up psychedelic dancing on google.  And as has been for the last couple years… there Dan Zen is as the number one psychedelic dancer in the world!

So I clicked on the link and noticed almost right away that the video in the Zen Mix was not the usual video for the very first episode of Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise.

I knew right away that I must have uploaded the wrong video

Back a while ago I had to re-upload over 7o videos to Blip.tv when Vimeo stopped supporting the flv.

Well it turns out that in the video I uploaded there is a major calamity part way through – have  a look to see what I mean!  And here it is showing up in most watched top google search!  I hope to show the people the wonderful healing powers of psychedelic dancing as exercise and how it is so good for the muscles because you ease and flow rather than snap and pound them and then this happens!

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