Get Down! Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise…

January 7, 2009


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or see: Part 1 | Part 2

Psychedelic dancing as exercise set to the psychedelic filming of sixties album covers in high exposure darkness.  This features a Zen Mix on top of a Zen Mix.  You can replace the image field with a swf in this case another Zen Mix of background video on a blank picture.  You can use the file links at the bottom of the mix to see what I mean.

Caribou is playing the feature song.  They have a couple more I’d like to dance to too and there was a good one a while back.  They are from Dundas – as am I.  They are currnet – I think this song came from their album before their last one currently.

We talk about getting down in this mash of mixes.  It would be a cooler world if everyone with headphones on got down as they walked along the sidewalk and halls instead of walking like a zombie.  Well okay… walking like a real zombie has a bit of getting down involved in it.

Give it a go!  And if you want – make a parody – anything – try out Zen Mix.  This was done in an hour on a canon $160 point and shoot.  It is what you shoot and then the blend modes in Zen Mix – the free online vlogging tool at


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3 Responses to “Get Down! Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise…”

  1. Glynis Says:

    You watch WAY too much channel 11 and Hilarious House of Frankenstein!

  2. Dan Zen Says:

    Strange! The video for my last two mixes has not been scaling properly all of a sudden. I think it must be the new Flash player handling HDV differently – will have to update Zen Mix at some point to fix. I had to fix this before already from on player to another – grr.

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