Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise – Part 7: the knees!

May 2, 2007


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The knees! Previously, we have been concentrating on the upper body and the arms. Now we take a look down at the knees. Psychedelic dancing is great for the knees to strengthen after injury with gentle to vigorous motion depending on your capacity. Because you do not usually lift your feet from the ground, the exercise provided by psychedelic dancing is low impact.

The prelude shows traditional knee exercise that is relatively boring to do and tends not to provide a broad range of motions. If you contrast this with the motion that you see in the psychedelic dancing, you will see what we mean.

Amon Duul is the feature band here with their German “Kraut Rock” psychedelia from the early 70’s. During the more experimental percussion sessions, I often find myself jumping around on the futon and over the coffee table – sort of like an indoor Parkour that I call Padkour.

Get dancing people! Loosen up – no steps to follow – you can’t go wrong and it feels great – puts you in touch with your body and nobody has to know! Unless… you start vlogging it with Zen Mix!

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