Psychedelic Dancing As Exercise – Part 6

February 16, 2007


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Here we discuss easing… as you change direction of your motion, ease out slowing down and then ease back into the return motion speeding up. This makes for less wear and tear on the joints, bones and muscles and gives your dancing a more fluid and organic feel. We also talk about hand and wrist movement for combatting computer strain, etc.

The song is Spencer Davis Group’s Waltz for Lamumba or something like that from Here we go ’round the Mulberry Bush. The same kind of groove can be found in Bitches Brew by Miles Davis and a host of tribal rythmic songs from the late 60’s. Love the heavy organ, maracas, cow bells, etc. Very Groovy!

The mix was made with the Zen Mix vlogging tool at The foreground features Focuso – see the Dan Zen Blog Entry on Focuso!

Get dancing people! Loosen up – no steps to follow – you can’t go wrong and it feels great – puts you in touch with your body and nobody has to know! Unless… you start vlogging it with Zen Mix!


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