Car Vlog 001-007 (Dawn of Car Casting)

July 22, 2006


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This is the first of many CAR VLOGS which may move over to a site of their own. In general, it means pointing the camera at yourself as you drive and vlogging. It could mean pointing the camera out the window but that is generally discouraged as you tend to want to look where you are pointing and that is unsafe as you are driving.

Safety is an issue and some aspects are discussed in this vlog – click above to view.

As often as possible we will include background shots from the actual drive. Shooting pictures is much easier as it just takes a glance if that but if you are not the multitasking type then please do not do this from the driver seat. The pictures in this vlog posting are primarily of the Dundas and Hamilton portion of the journey to Oakville where I teach. The trip is about 40 minutes with very little traffic as I take the 407 toll road past the rush hour traffic. This will be where most of my car vlogging will come from as there is a backvlog of about 100 of these videos.

This current and first published car vlog talks about car vlogging referred to here as car casting. It summarizes some previous ideas and works through some live ideas. It is a little scattered as discovery is taking place. It is not the most creative of sessions but it is a decent introduction to car vlogging or car casting.


7 Responses to “Car Vlog 001-007 (Dawn of Car Casting)”

  1. danzen Says:

    It is interesting to note that on the very last mix I stop the car and as I slow down my pace in talking slows down and my voice becomes deeper.


    One thing that you need to watch out for when car vlogging is that you do not let your driving follow your talking. As in, just because you are not finished a sentence does not mean that you can’t break the car. And just because you want to start a sentence, this does not mean that you can accelerate from a stop!

    The desire to do so is really no different than if you are talking with someone in the car.


    And the danger or distraction is not as high as when talking on the phone. When you are on the phone, the other person does not know your situation and can distract you when you need to pay critical attention. If you are vlogging, you can just stop and pay critical attention.


    Some of you may not even like the term critical attention and might say that critical attention is needed at all times when driving. I think that most people have alert reflexes that snap you into critical attention when needed. If you don’t have this capability then do not car vlog.

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  4. […] Car Vlog 001-007 (Dawn of Car Casting) Image by Dan Zen… […]

  5. […] Car Vlog 001-007 (Dawn of Car Casting) Image by Dan Zen… […]

  6. […] Car Vlog 001-007 (Dawn of Car Casting) Image by Dan Zen… […]

  7. […] Car Vlog 001-007 (Dawn of Car Casting) Image by Dan Zen… […]

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